Nov 30, 2009

More X-Force Annual Preview Pages

X-Force Annual

New pages for the X-Force Annual announced earlier. I should say, I certainly do not look forward to reading this book. Actually, this Annual makes me angry - Wolverine has his freaking share of ongoings, minis, solos and guest appearances! And so does or new "He's in so many books I'm starting to hate him"-King - Deadpool. Maybe the writers forget that X-Force is a complicated team and its actual leader is Cyclops and this team actually HAS other members. And putting them on two (or less) pages doesn't make it X-Force comics. I think X-23, Warpath, Elixir and Domino made enough this year to deserve to be in they're own annual comic book. Disgusting. And Deadpool - yeah, he might join the team, maybe even in this book, but still, annual should be about all team members. If you still haven't given up on hope to see the team in much more than just the preview pages - just look at the cover. Still, Laura is on the list of people to play some role in one of the stories smiling like she never does and already telling us she'll be badly out-of-character-written, so who knows?

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