Jun 17, 2010

Wolverine: The Road To Hell #1

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_vmizTggXAos/TBhQ0OW-JgI/AAAAAAAACZM/9tFe-us1MwY/s1600/WolverineRoadToHell01-Cover.pngWritten by: Jason Aaron, Marjorie Liu, Rick Remender & Daniel Way
Penciled by: Guiseppe Camuncoli, Will Conrad, Renato Guedes & Jerome OpeƱa
Cover by: Mico Suayan
This September, Wolverine starts down the road to hell and we want to take you along for the ride…it all starts here! With all new material by the creative teams bringing you Wolverine, X-23, Daken: Dark Wolverine and X-Force, The Road to Hell is packed with clues and signposts to help you find your way through the brand-new launch of Wolverine’s own family of books! You won’t want to miss it, because bonus material includes a second look at the first issue of Namor the First Mutant #1 and an exclusive preview of the November launch of an ALL NEW X-BOOK! You won’t want to miss it!

X-Force: Sex and Violence Preview (2)

Another two pages of the upcoming issue. 

Jun 16, 2010

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu

A new and amazing interview with miss Liu will tell us a little about her plans for Laura's new ongoing. The most beautiful art is included as well. I'm so very excited about this! It is said that Filipe Andrade and Nuno Alves won't be returning to the series (thank GOD) and the new artist is going to be the awesome and great Will Conrad (Emma Frost, She-Hulk, Serenity). The NYX-characters will appear in the series, but it won't happen in the first arc.

Is this book merely going to tell adventures of this character? Or will X-23's tales have an overarching goal driving them (e.g. to find out more about her creation)?
Marjorie Liu: Both, really. X-23 has endured some awful abuse – physical, mental, sexual – and she's inflicted her own abuse, as well. She's a killer. A predator. And yet, she's still a teenager. I mean, talk about a need for some self-reflection (and therapy). X-23 is still learning about who she is – she's trying to, anyway. But the X-Men have done all they can for her, and so this next stage of her life is going to take her away from them, and set her on a path where she'll need to rely on her own moral compass – which, occasionally, will lead her astray.
Will any members of the X-Men be making regular appearances in this book?
Liu: Yes. Which is a vague answer, but only because I'm still hammering out the first arc. Again, though: yes. I have several favorites who I hope will show up on a regular basis.

Will you be making references to points in X-23's history, especially those given by her creators Chris Yost and Craig Kyle? And have you ever talked to or met with Yost and Kyle as her creators?
Liu: Absolutely. Not only did Chris and Craig give X-23 a complex, rich personality – they gave her an incredible history to draw upon. She's a wonderful character, and though I haven't formally discussed her with them, I appreciate that they've given their blessing with respect to my involvement in the X-23 ongoing.

With you writing both "offsprings" of Wolverine, can we count on a big confrontation between Daken and X-23?
Liu: I guarantee it. Dan and I have already talked about this.

Marjorie, I'm sooo excited for your new "X-23" ongoing. I read the "X-23" one-shot that you wrote recently, and I loved everything from the story to the appearances, but I especially loved the art. Please tell me the artists are returning for the ongoing! And can we expect to see NYX pop up much in X-23's book?
Liu: Thank you so much! I loved the art, too, but Filipe Andrade and Nuno Alves won't be returning to the series. The new artist is Will Conrad, who has been doing wonderful work on "Wolverine: Origins." As for NYX, the short answer is "yes." They'll be popping up, though not in the first arc. Expect them down the line.

Is X-23 going to be having a permanent supporting cast or will it change arc to arc? 

Liu: Again, I'm still hammering out some details, but my hope is that X-23 will have a semi-permanent supporting cast. I don't like throwaway characters that change from arc to arc. Sometimes there's a purpose to them, and that's fine – but I prefer exploring relationships over the long-term, and shaking things up within those relationships – upping the stakes, pushing, going deep.

Will X-23 be sticking around San Francisco for her title, or will she be hopping from place to place?
Liu: By the end of this first arc, she'll be a nomad – more or less. No real home, just the world at her feet. She won't have much of a reason to stay in San Francisco.

Marjorie, will you continue Laura & Hellion's relationship in the "X-23" ongoing?
Liu: I will be touching on it, yes.

Will we see a Kimura vs. Wolverine fight at some point soon?
Liu: I don't have any immediate plans for Kimura...which isn't to say that she's not coming back. When I do deal with her, it's going to be wild.

X-Solicitations September 2010

X-23 #1
Penciled by WILL CONRAD
Women of Marvel Variant by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
After the events of Second Coming and the stunning conclusion to X-Force, X-23 strikes out on her own in this all-new ongoing series, written by best-selling author MARJORIE LIU, spinning out of the events of Wolverine #1! X-23 has never had an easy relationship with the rest of the X-Men, but when she learns someone has taken down Wolverine, she must step up to fill his shoes.
40 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$3.99

http://i.newsarama.com/images/146_x_men_legacy_240_02.jpgX-MEN LEGACY #240
Written by MIKE CAREY
Penciled by CLAY MANN
Super Hero Squad Variant also available
The city of Mumbai is coming apart at the seams, torn asunder by freak energy storms...and Rogue and Magneto have finally discovered their source: The Children of the Vault have returned. And the X-Men may not be enough to stop them. But might their “new mutant” tip the scales in their favor?
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99

Hellion is going to play a role here, so I included this issue it the Solicits.

The blood soaked conclusion!! Wolverine is the best he is at what he does. Domino is the luckiest there is at what she does. But this time, it's not going to be enough. The full force of the Assassins Guild is coming down on our heroes, and it's not going to be pretty. Except for the art.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$3.99

Jun 10, 2010

X-POSITION: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost + X-Force - Sex and Violence Preview

Here's a recent interview with our beloved guys about X-23, Wolverine and the X-Men (which got canceled) and Second Coming's aftermath. You can also find some awesome information about "Sex and Violence" there. Also, Laura was called Hellion's love interest, even if not by the writer themselves. The biggest gift, however, is the most beautiful preview of "X-Force: Sex and Violence" (guessed release date July 14, 2010). Have fun!

How disappointed were you that "Wolverine and the X-Men" was canceled after only one season? Can you give us an idea of what else was planned?
Craig Kyle: Yeah, it was a bummer. [...] By the time we got to the end of the first season, it was designed to have at least three more seasons. Obviously, "Age of Apocalypse" was next and then it would move into "House of M," which would have been the next stage. [...] And by the end of it, we would get to outer space and the Shi'ar and the Brood and just tell the X-Men's perspective of the Marvel Universe. I would say, though, that the X-Men never stay off of the television for long. I was thrilled for the first season we got, and I look forward to them popping up again, whenever that may happen.

Back during "Messiah War," Elixir seemed to learn something about Hope, but so far this hasn't been addressed. Will this be followed up on during "Second Coming?" Also, is Elixir unable to heal now? They could sure use him.
Yost: After "Necrosha," Elixir kinda bugged out. He is not on the island.
Kyle: He has been fighting the ability to kill for quite awhile - since he killed Stryker, way back when we were writing "New X-Men." He's been forced to use this ability again, and...this has kind of been a tipping of the scale. Once he does that too many times, it's a question of...you know, unlike Archangel where he'll revert, Elixir may not have that option. His powers may switch for good, and that's something he doesn't want to happen. [...] Now, he knows what Hope is, and that information isn't going away. [...] Where he shows up next and how and who he'll be, well, that's anybody's guess. But let's hope he's a good guy still, because if he's not, it's going to really, really change up the Marvel Universe.
Why did Hellion get mauled...again?
Yost: He's so arrogant, he's just asking for it. Heh. You know, there's a funny story about that, and when it's all said and done, we'll tell it. But, yeah, he's had some bad luck. I think all the New X-Men kids are in a tough spot right now, but hopefully with "Legacy's" new direction post-"Second Coming," they'll get some of the spotlight and start rebuilding.
Kyle: And here's the real kicker - had that been Anole, that kid would have had two awesome arms!
I loved the little scene of Hellion and X-23 in the Med Wing; it was very touching. I was wondering though - can Hellion get a pirate hook prosthetic for his left hand?
Yost: [...] No, he can not have a hook, to answer the question. I have to tell you, I love the New X-Men - I don't think that's a secret to anybody - and doing that was so horribly hard. I did not enjoy that scene particularly.

Since the Big G mentioned Hellion's love interest, Chickrockguitar wanted to know more about her new title that was recently announced.

What do you think of X-23's upcoming ongoing series? Were you guys consulted on it at all? And what about your plans for a third X-23 miniseries?
Kyle: You know, we weren't consulted, but that's okay. There's been other X-23 stories where we also weren't consulted. You know, it turns out Marvel owns the character - I had no idea. [Laughs] What I love is that a female writer who is very talented is taking X-23 on to the next chapter.
Did Chris and I have another story we could tell? You bet your ass. I also think that if Chris and I were left to our own devices, we could keep writing that character indefinitely. But we also agreed a long time ago that the longer you hold onto a character and the longer you write them, the easier it becomes for you to be the one that ruins the character. So, because of its timing, "X-Force: Sex and Violence" is kind of our X-send-off for the time being.
Who knows what our next thing will be? We're always looking, always thinking, always plotting. But for X-23, I'm excited. It will be very interesting and kind of exciting to be just a fan for once and sit back each month and see what's going to happen. And I am really just excited that she's in the right hands, because I do think Marjorie will do a great job with her. And as long as the next time X-23 meets Daken she kicks his ass, I'm cool.

Is there any character who you wanted to kill, but the X-office wouldn't let you?
Yost: You know, they stopped us from killing Onyxx back in "New X-Men," but we finally got him in "X-Force."
Kyle: That's true!
Yost: I hated that character. No offense to Peter Milligan, who I think is great, but I was not a fan. But we never do anything maliciously - it's all within the story. Hm, let's see, anyone else we wanted to kill, but didn't, because they wouldn't let us...
Kyle: Oh, Nezhno!
Yost: Yeah, we wanted to kill Nezhno, just to show people that we would.
Kyle: Yeah, people thought we got all precious. Now, I'll be the first to admit we favor X-23, but that's because she's awesome! But, yeah, we were going to kill Nezhno, and they said, "Nnnooo, we like him." Now, we liked him too, but that's why we thought we had to ace him...

Jun 5, 2010

Uncanny X-Men #525 Preview

COVER BY: Adi Granov
WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Terry Dodson
INKS: Rachel Dodson
COLORED BY: Justin Ponsor
"Second Coming", Chapter Ten Things have never been worse for the X-Men. They're stuck in an impregnable dome of Bastion's creation. As if that's not bad enough, inside this dome is a portal to the Days of Future Past timeline through which thousands of Nimrod Sentinels are pouring. Cyclops has sent Cable, Cypher and X-Force on a suicide mission into the future to destroy the portal, but do they stand a chance? Rated T, 2.99
IN STORES: June 9, 2010