Feb 24, 2010

X-Force #24 Preview

COVER BY: Clayton Crain
WRITER: Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle
PENCILS: Clayton Crain
On Sale: February 24, 2010
Price: $2.99
Death comes to X-Force! The final battle begins as X-Force storms Necrosha to find and kill the Black Queen...but there are 16 million of her slaves between them and her. As the team's least likely member goes on a suicide mission to save Warpath, Selene achieves her heart's desire...and someone doesn't walk away from this fight.

Interview with Marjorie Liu

 I'm very sorry that there haven't been many updates lately, but I'm still here and still have news for you all =)

In the upcoming X-23 one-shot, slashing into stores March 17, the novelist takes her first stab at the titular mutant killing machine as she returns to her roots and reunites with the kids of NYX.

Marvel.com: What can you say about what readers can expect to see in the upcoming X-23 one-shot?Marjorie Liu: Some very deep, intense explorations of her character and how she views herself-and how that's evolving as she becomes more aware of her inability thus far to stop being used by men. She's tough, strong [and] lethal; she doesn't need to take the abuse that's been dished on her head, but she [has], and she begins to realize in this issue how wrong that is.
Marvel.com: What are your thoughts on the character of X-23? What do you like about her?
Marjorie Liu: I like her because she's tough [and] driven, but also she's got this sweet side of her that's been buried so deep that it hardly ever comes out, and it's that part of her that was never broken, that's still a kid, young and vulnerable. She's so vulnerable. She might be a killer, but she's been used [and] abused, and that's a cycle she still hasn't managed to break free from.
Marvel.com: You've written other clawed mutants before, both Wolverine and his son Daken. How does writing X-23 compare?
Marjorie Liu: She's way more damaged than either of them, and a lot younger, too. [She's] more vulnerable, because she doesn't quite know herself yet. And yet, she's got that core of strength that Wolverine and Daken have. She is relentless when she sets her mind to do something.
Marvel.com: The NYX characters are set to appear in the one-shot. What's it like bringing these characters back together? What can you say about the meeting?
Marjorie Liu: It was such a pleasure writing both Kiden and X-23 and all the kids, together. The meeting is bittersweet. Kiden and her friends are in a bit of a bad spot-still homeless, broke, trying to figure out what to do next-and here comes X-23, a blast from the past. Last time they saw her, she had just been rescued from a pimp, and so there's a real concern on Kiden's part that perhaps X-23 has fallen back into the life of a prostitute.
It doesn't help that they lost all contact with her, and here she shows up still acting damaged.

Feb 10, 2010

Chris Yost talks X-23

Chris Yost gave an interview about his carrier in the comic books and animation. X-23 is mentioned.

Nrama: You’re well-known for being party to introducing X-23, beginning with an episode of “X-Men: Evolution”.  How did the character come into being, and what did her reception mean to you as a writer?

Yost:  Craig Kyle, who was supervising X-Men Evolution at the time, created her before I entered the picture.  He needed a way to get more Wolverine interacting with the kids, and that was his solution.  Since adult Wolverine was already part of the show, he got another Wolverine, essentially.

I was just happy to be there. :)  When he told me that she was crossing over into the comic universe, and that we were writing her comic origin, I was floored.  It honestly changed pretty much everything for me.  I owe Craig Kyle and X-23 a ton.

Feb 9, 2010

X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back #1 Preview

X-MEN: PIXIE STRIKES BACK #1 Cover By Stuart Immonen 
COVER BY: Stuart Immonen
WRITER: Kathryn Immonen
PENCILS: Sara Pichelli
INKS: Array
COLORED BY: Christina Strain
LETTERED BY: Robert Steen
Pixie, X-23, Armor, Mercury and Blindfold face a new kind of hell: high school! Things get even worse when Pixie’s mother shows up on Utopia demanding to see her daughter. Discover the truth about Pixie, inculding the answer to something even SHE doesn’t know: the identity of her father- one of the most dangerous X-Villains ever! Rated A …$3.99
IN STORES: February 10, 2010

Cable, X-Force In New "Second Coming" Teaser

Marvel has released a new teaser image by Daniel Acuña featuring the current X-Force team along with Cable.


Feb 4, 2010

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu

Sorry for the lack of updates! There is an interview with Marjorie Liu about Laura.

2) [...] Are there any plans for [X-23 and Daken] to have more interaction beyond what little they had in “Utopia?”
LIU: I'm sure it's likely, though I think it's also safe to say that we don't want to simply throw them together simply for the sake of having them on the same page. There has to be the right story. And I'm convinced that, eventually, we'll find a good moment and a compelling reason for the two of them to be together in the same book.
How about some X-23 in “Wolverine”? She's family to both Logan and Daken. It's about time there was a trio team-up!
LIU: Again, no plans in the immediate future for X-23 to join Logan and Daken in the pages of “Dark Wolverine.”
It has been mentioned that [Jubilee] will show up in the “X-23” one-shot and also a short story by Marjorie. What capacity will Jubilee be used, and are there any other (possibly long-term) plans to use her alongside Wolverine, Laura, or Daken from either one of you?
LIU: [...] I love the character of Jubilee. [...] In the one-shot, Jubilee's role won't be huge, but it will be vital in explaining why X-23 and Wolverine are in New York. You'll also get to see her interacting with X-23, which was a kick to write.
1) What is this one-shot about? Is it a story from her past? Or does it deal with everything presently going on with the character?
LIU: [...] The one-shot is about Laura finding her footing in the world. She's been seen as a very physical character in the past – all action – and that'll be true here too, but I go deeper into her head, exploring the circles of abuse she's often found herself in and why it is that, despite all her power and strength, she still allows herself to be controlled by men. So it's not really a story about her past, though the past is referred to. Instead, it's more of a commentary on the present and future of the character.
4) The NYX version of the character (including her stint as a prostitute) always seemed inconsistent with the present version of X-23. Do you plan on reconciling the two?
LIU: I try, yes.