Feb 10, 2010

Chris Yost talks X-23

Chris Yost gave an interview about his carrier in the comic books and animation. X-23 is mentioned.

Nrama: You’re well-known for being party to introducing X-23, beginning with an episode of “X-Men: Evolution”.  How did the character come into being, and what did her reception mean to you as a writer?

Yost:  Craig Kyle, who was supervising X-Men Evolution at the time, created her before I entered the picture.  He needed a way to get more Wolverine interacting with the kids, and that was his solution.  Since adult Wolverine was already part of the show, he got another Wolverine, essentially.

I was just happy to be there. :)  When he told me that she was crossing over into the comic universe, and that we were writing her comic origin, I was floored.  It honestly changed pretty much everything for me.  I owe Craig Kyle and X-23 a ton.

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