Feb 4, 2010

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu

Sorry for the lack of updates! There is an interview with Marjorie Liu about Laura.

2) [...] Are there any plans for [X-23 and Daken] to have more interaction beyond what little they had in “Utopia?”
LIU: I'm sure it's likely, though I think it's also safe to say that we don't want to simply throw them together simply for the sake of having them on the same page. There has to be the right story. And I'm convinced that, eventually, we'll find a good moment and a compelling reason for the two of them to be together in the same book.
How about some X-23 in “Wolverine”? She's family to both Logan and Daken. It's about time there was a trio team-up!
LIU: Again, no plans in the immediate future for X-23 to join Logan and Daken in the pages of “Dark Wolverine.”
It has been mentioned that [Jubilee] will show up in the “X-23” one-shot and also a short story by Marjorie. What capacity will Jubilee be used, and are there any other (possibly long-term) plans to use her alongside Wolverine, Laura, or Daken from either one of you?
LIU: [...] I love the character of Jubilee. [...] In the one-shot, Jubilee's role won't be huge, but it will be vital in explaining why X-23 and Wolverine are in New York. You'll also get to see her interacting with X-23, which was a kick to write.
1) What is this one-shot about? Is it a story from her past? Or does it deal with everything presently going on with the character?
LIU: [...] The one-shot is about Laura finding her footing in the world. She's been seen as a very physical character in the past – all action – and that'll be true here too, but I go deeper into her head, exploring the circles of abuse she's often found herself in and why it is that, despite all her power and strength, she still allows herself to be controlled by men. So it's not really a story about her past, though the past is referred to. Instead, it's more of a commentary on the present and future of the character.
4) The NYX version of the character (including her stint as a prostitute) always seemed inconsistent with the present version of X-23. Do you plan on reconciling the two?
LIU: I try, yes.

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