Jun 16, 2010

X-POSITION: Marjorie Liu

A new and amazing interview with miss Liu will tell us a little about her plans for Laura's new ongoing. The most beautiful art is included as well. I'm so very excited about this! It is said that Filipe Andrade and Nuno Alves won't be returning to the series (thank GOD) and the new artist is going to be the awesome and great Will Conrad (Emma Frost, She-Hulk, Serenity). The NYX-characters will appear in the series, but it won't happen in the first arc.

Is this book merely going to tell adventures of this character? Or will X-23's tales have an overarching goal driving them (e.g. to find out more about her creation)?
Marjorie Liu: Both, really. X-23 has endured some awful abuse – physical, mental, sexual – and she's inflicted her own abuse, as well. She's a killer. A predator. And yet, she's still a teenager. I mean, talk about a need for some self-reflection (and therapy). X-23 is still learning about who she is – she's trying to, anyway. But the X-Men have done all they can for her, and so this next stage of her life is going to take her away from them, and set her on a path where she'll need to rely on her own moral compass – which, occasionally, will lead her astray.
Will any members of the X-Men be making regular appearances in this book?
Liu: Yes. Which is a vague answer, but only because I'm still hammering out the first arc. Again, though: yes. I have several favorites who I hope will show up on a regular basis.

Will you be making references to points in X-23's history, especially those given by her creators Chris Yost and Craig Kyle? And have you ever talked to or met with Yost and Kyle as her creators?
Liu: Absolutely. Not only did Chris and Craig give X-23 a complex, rich personality – they gave her an incredible history to draw upon. She's a wonderful character, and though I haven't formally discussed her with them, I appreciate that they've given their blessing with respect to my involvement in the X-23 ongoing.

With you writing both "offsprings" of Wolverine, can we count on a big confrontation between Daken and X-23?
Liu: I guarantee it. Dan and I have already talked about this.

Marjorie, I'm sooo excited for your new "X-23" ongoing. I read the "X-23" one-shot that you wrote recently, and I loved everything from the story to the appearances, but I especially loved the art. Please tell me the artists are returning for the ongoing! And can we expect to see NYX pop up much in X-23's book?
Liu: Thank you so much! I loved the art, too, but Filipe Andrade and Nuno Alves won't be returning to the series. The new artist is Will Conrad, who has been doing wonderful work on "Wolverine: Origins." As for NYX, the short answer is "yes." They'll be popping up, though not in the first arc. Expect them down the line.

Is X-23 going to be having a permanent supporting cast or will it change arc to arc? 

Liu: Again, I'm still hammering out some details, but my hope is that X-23 will have a semi-permanent supporting cast. I don't like throwaway characters that change from arc to arc. Sometimes there's a purpose to them, and that's fine – but I prefer exploring relationships over the long-term, and shaking things up within those relationships – upping the stakes, pushing, going deep.

Will X-23 be sticking around San Francisco for her title, or will she be hopping from place to place?
Liu: By the end of this first arc, she'll be a nomad – more or less. No real home, just the world at her feet. She won't have much of a reason to stay in San Francisco.

Marjorie, will you continue Laura & Hellion's relationship in the "X-23" ongoing?
Liu: I will be touching on it, yes.

Will we see a Kimura vs. Wolverine fight at some point soon?
Liu: I don't have any immediate plans for Kimura...which isn't to say that she's not coming back. When I do deal with her, it's going to be wild.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for that story.
Meanwhile i've read all comics including Laura. Not enough :(

And Marvel changed the release of X-Force #28 to July. What a crap.


X-23 said...

You can NEVER get enough of Laura, that's the worst part, it's depressing))) And yeah, I can't wait to see X-Force, waiting hurts)

Anonymous said...

Well, you can salve the pain with reading the "old" stories again and again. And again and again. ;-)

Und dabei sollte man meinen, Comics sind was für Kinder.... Mist. Dann vertreib ich mir die Wartezeit halt noch mit Videos, alten Comics und der Suche nach einer geeigneten Schauspielerin.
Russisch werd ich jetzt nicht schreiben, weil meine Sprachkenntnis da völlig aussetzt. :-)


X-23 said...

Ich weiß alles schon auswendig, leider geht bei mir das ständige Durchlesen deswegen auch nicht mehr) Ich glaube, auch nach 30 Jahren werden mir die Comics mit Laura nicht ausreichen)
Macht nichts, ist cool, mit jemandem deutsch reden zu können)