Jan 7, 2010

X-POSITION: Craig Kyle and Chris Yost

Nice interview with our beloved writers. Have fun! Source.
Do you plan on leaving any drastic changes to make a big exit on your excellent run?
Yost: Before our run is over, the cast will change.
Kyle: Yes, quite a bit - from top to bottom. 

Are there any X-23/Hope scenes planned in either "X-Men: Second Coming" or "X-Force?" Hope seemed to form some sort of attachment to Laura, and they need to meet up again!

Yost: That will be touched on soon, if not already. In the pages of "Cable," there is a scene where Hope mentions Laura by name. And if it's not out yet...spoiler!

 Any news on that third "X-23" miniseries?

Kyle: For now, that story's kind of on hold. There's lots of stuff coming with X-23 in the future, so for fans of her, there's wonderful surprises on the way. As for Chris and I writing that third story? For right now, that's been put on ice. We've had a lot of success and a lot of happy fans with the first two minis, and the last thing we want to do is put out one that is half-cooked.
 Chris and I are up to our eyeballs in work right now, so to do that kind of final chapter of our work with her - the timing isn't right. If we can't give it our best, we're not going to do it halfway. It's something Chris and I would love to do, but I wouldn't look for it in the near future...unless Chris goes behind my back and does it without me.
Yost: I've already started it.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Look for it in 2010!
Yost: January 2010.
Kyle: Can I at least get a copy?
Yost: No.

How about "X-Force: Sex & Violence?" Is there a release date for this yet?

Yost: It's not on the schedule yet, but issue #2 is pretty much wrapped. Or, if not, it's close. And I know we say this every time, but - ohmigod! It is spectacular.
Kyle: When it does come out - and I think it will probably hit before we're out of the series - it will be worth the wait when it hits the shelves.[...] It's going to be a beautiful and twisted and screwed up and dark and funny and sexy andeverything kind of book.

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