Mar 6, 2010

X-Men: The Days of Second Coming

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The Road to Second Coming: Since allowing Hope to flee to the future and moving his X-Men across the country, Cyclops has accrued a great deal of blood on his hands. Most of this blood has been carved out of the X-Men's enemies courtesy of X-Force. A far cry from Cable's militant but flamboyant team, this new X-Force sticks to the shadows and terminates their targets with extreme prejudice.

Wolverine leads this new team of killers, confident that Cyclops is willing to do what has to be done in order to safeguard the world's remaining mutants. But at times even Wolverine doesn't see eye to eye with his old friend and comrade. Cyclops puts the safety of Hope and Cable above all other priorities, and this obsession has placed other mutant lives in jeopardy. Though Wolverine knows better than anyone what odds the X-Men face, he and X-Force aren't willing to sacrifice any mutant lives along the way.

So far, X-Force has managed to safeguard their existence from the rest of the X-Men. This isn't likely to last much longer, however. Beast has already departed Utopia in part because of his disgust at the thought of a team of mutant executioners. The other X-Men may be inclined to follow suit once they learn of the bloodshed carried out in their name. If he isn't careful, Cyclops could lose the support of both factions just as the X-Men's need for X-Force becomes greater than ever.

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