Apr 19, 2010

X-Men #1 Ongoing

 C2E2: Guarding the Secrets of a New 
X-MEN Ongoing Series

 The end of "Second Coming" and beginning of the "Heroic Age" brings a few series launches for Marvel's X-Men family of titles—including a brand-new X-Men #1 in July, by novelist and Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth scribe Victor Gischler and recent Deadpool artist Paco Medina.
The first arc's conflict centers around "mutants versus vampires," as "a new kind of X-Men team forms to combat threats unlike any the X-Men have faced before." It's also told the series will feature "some surprising new faces." The new "We are the X-Men" teasers most certainly have something to do with this new story.

Victor Gischler: "Our story will pick up with a suicide bombing in San Francisco’s Union Square. But this is not Al Qaeda—this is the opening shot of a war," he writes. "Vampires are descending on the Bay Area, commanded by their, let’s just say, enigmatic leader, and mutants appear to be their target. What follows is a war on several fronts, as the X-Men defend their home from a threat unlike anything they’ve ever faced. There will be twists and turns you can’t see coming, and there will be some permanent status quo changes. [...] Depending on the mission and the situation, appropriate characters will be showing up to lend the X-Men a hand. Super heroes are helpful that way. [...] Probably we should think of these X-Men as an elite unit within [Cyclops'] army. [...] The cast of characters will be a combination of both big name and lesser known characters. I think we'll see a wider cast of characters for the first arc, while we're getting situated. Then the following arcs will kind of narrow things down to a core cast. [...] We've got the whole team and everybody is available for that first arc. Then in following stories we kind of whittle things down to the people we see every issue.
Plus, since the book is a part of the X-Men line, there's a good chance that we'll see characters rotate in and out from story to story. So new faces might come and go, but that will be along side the core cast that we see every month." 
This new monthly is not a supernatural-flavored X-Men title – it's a title that will firmly integrate the X-Men in the Marvel Universe, boasting new team-members from across the Marvel Universe as the X-Men contend with a host of threats -- including some of Marvel's most popular super-villains. That said, the first arc will pit mutants against another society of super-powered outcasts: vampires. The X-Men have some history with Dracula. It's about to come back and haunt them. [...]

It's easy to wonder if the future of Mike Carey's X-Men Legacy is in jeopardy giving this new title, especially since Legacy started its life as the 1991 adjectiveless X-Men comic. But it's continuing undeterred, and penciler Clay Mann is returning to the title.
"If you think we’re going to let Mike get away from us, you’re crazy," Alonso writes. "He’s got his next few arcs plotted out and they are going to shock the pants off of everyone. I hope none of you are going commando in coming months."

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