Oct 19, 2010

Interview with Nich Lowe

Enjoy some outtakes from an interview with Nick Lowe that I found interesting! There is also a most beautiful cover of "X-23 #5" featuring Gambit who Laura already appeared killing vampires with in the "X-Men #3"! And the lamest, most idiotic explanation of why Elixir is not on the team and can't heal Hellion's hands and Karma's foot that appear to be the proof that Second Coming was badass. Lame. WTF??

"Uncanny X-Force" was amazing – easily the best X-book right now! Rick Remender mentioned that his X-Force team was already chosen when he was attached to the book. So why did you pick these characters? I'm especially interested in why Psylocke was chosen, but it's always a pleasure to read a good-written Betsy.
That's an easy question. Axel loves Psylocke – plain and simple. He just loves her. So that's pretty much why she's there. As for the rest, we knew that Warpath, X-23 and Wolfsbane weren't going to be signing up for such a team again, and we wanted to formulate a cast that would get people talking. Seems like it worked.

Elixir's powers make him an important character who could potentially help human/mutant relations. Which X-book will be getting him and will his knowledge about Hope obtained in "Messiah War" ever be acknowledged?
Right now, Elixir is on the lam. You won't be seeing him particularly soon, but I imagine that he is on a quest to eat at every McDonalds in the world and then heal himself from the damage that such a quest would cause. It's similar to the quest that I'm on, only without the healing powers.

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