Aug 11, 2010

Interview with Marjorie Liu

Enjoy a nice interview with the best-selling writer of the ongoing series we all are waiting for.

Marjorie, let's start off by talking about X-23. You've written the character before, but how will you be approaching her in the new ongoing series?

Marjorie Liu: Who is X-23? That's the core question, and my plan is to treat this series as the journey of a damaged but hopeful girl who has done some terrible things in her life-and been abused in horrible ways - but who is determined not to let that define her. 

X-23 a very interesting character in that regard. At first, she cut herself off from emotions, but now she's experiencing them more and more. What about her do you think appeals to the fans?

Marjorie Liu: I can't speak to what appeals to most fans, but as I'm a fan, I'll explain what I love about her. X-23 has been through hell. She was created for one purpose, and she is fantastic at it. She is a born killer. But despite the fact that she was raised in a lab and taught nothing about compassion or mercy, she nonetheless possesses those qualities. She's not cruel. She has the heart of a good person. More importantly, she wants to be a good person. And it's that desire, that hunger to defy fate and be more than what she was supposed to be that makes her such a wonderful character. She never gives up. She never backs down. 

What can you say about your plans for the series as a whole? Will the title be featuring appearances by the other X-Men?

Marjorie Liu: As I said earlier, this is a journey of self-discovery; a chance for X-23 to be on her own. She's young, she thinks she knows a lot, and sometimes she does. But she knows more about the world than she does about herself.You'll be seeing some X-Men. I won't tease who, quite yet, but I'll say that they're favorites of mine - real, hardcore favorites - so that's a clue right there if you're familiar with me. The villains will be awful, really horrible and will definitely leave X-23 feeling outmatched. She faces off with the Devil in the first arc, and in the second, the villain is a woman. Not Kimura. Someone worse. 

In regards to the X-Men, you mentioned there are characters you really like and really want to write. Do you plan on having them as a sort of supporting cast in the book?

Marjorie Liu: I can think of two X-Men in particular who will be part of her supporting cast, and several who will put in brief appearances. Do I love writing them? You bet. And both are characters who have never interacted much with X-23, but who share a great deal in common with her - on an emotional level, that is. I'm keeping their identities under wrap at the moment, simply because I'm still hammering out their roles in her ongoing story.

 In previous stories featuring the character, it was sort of established that she has romantic feelings for Julian Keller, aka Hellion, who was injured in Second Coming. Is this something you'll be addressing in your series?

Marjorie Liu: You know I'm not really interested in exploring X-23's role as a girlfriend. Julian will be part of the book, in a limited way, but X-23 is on a journey that will be taking her away from almost everyone she knows. She needs to come to terms with her own identity before she can really give herself over to a healthy relationship, which sounds like a cliché, I know, but seriously, it's so true.
What does artist Will Conrad bring to the table for this title? What about his art style do you like?

Marjorie Liu: I love everything about his style. There's a visceral quality that is rich and hard, and full of careful detail that brings each panel to life. He's got great movement in his pencils, and man, his work in this first issue has been stunning. Absolutely chilling. John Rauch is on colors, and that's just badass.

As a last question, we've got an X-23 series, Daken and also Wolverine-how long until the Crazy Clawed Crossover?

Marjorie Liu: Well, I can promise blood, that's for sure. And there will be a Daken/X-23 crossover. It's already in the works.

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