Oct 6, 2009

Hulk #15 Review

I actually do not read any of this stuff, so here are the pics of Laura fighting the Punisher, nothing more =) I really tried to find a good review, but they all say basically the same: "Wolverine fights the Hulk, Domino fights Elektra" (in a nice way) and so on and so on, I guess It's not wrong, there isn't really anything else to say but the reviews are funny to read - reminds me of a cook book. Well, it's Hulk comics we're talking about.
Oh, and I really hope it's some kind of a different universe here. You know, because otherwise the way X-Force doesn't even try to kill, the mare fact of X-Force's appearance in this ridiculous bar and most of all the way Laura chitchats like an idiotic Domino ripoff ... No, this simply can be that stupid, can it?

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