Oct 6, 2009

X-Force #19 Review

Sorry it's been so long, but I waited for a good reviews to come up. Enjoy if you didn't read it already. SPOILERS ALERT!

X-Force #19

The issue opens with Agent Morales being interviewed for a position with the Facility by a man named Young. While she does not like the idea of using a child as an assassin, she is shown the files of all the people X-23 has killed and told she will be eliminated if she should refuse the offer. Morales decides against the job and takes out Young quickly. Kimura is in the process of cutting off Laura’s other arm when Morales interrupts the process by shooting Kimura in the head. She frees Laura and X-23 grabs her severed arm and they start to exit the room while Kimura is regaining her wits. The agent is unaware of X-23’s healing and is shocked at how she is able to function. Back with the X-Men, Elixir has gone into a coma after saving Surge and is being helped by the Science team while his friends look on. Heller wants to look for X-23 but Scott refuses saying Wolverine will handle it. Bastion contacts Pierce within the X-Men’s prison and tells him to remain in place and monitor the Leper Queen’s body. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Domino are pushing the Cuckoos to their limit to locate Laura. They fail repeatedly but do find Rahne. Wolfsbane and her Prince have just defeated the Frost Giants and Rahne transforms to her intermediate form and immediately collapses to the snow. At the same time, Selene is in New Orleans and has gotten a new reanimated mutant that Caliban has found. It is Destiny. Back in the Facility base, Laura has informed Morales that Kimura is bulletproof. The agent asks what they should do and X-23 tells her to run. They flee down the hall and Laura is able to drop a security door on her enemy pinning the woman in place. Kimura then orders the building to be locked down. The fugitives are trying to figure out a plan. Morales thinks Laura would know the layout but the girl did not grow up there. She gives Morales a hard time about not doing proper research and then asks why the agent wants to help her. They are interrupted by guards but manage to flee through a closing security door. The women end up in a lab where they continue their argument. It ends when Laura sees a vial of the trigger scent in Morales hand. When X-23 pops her claws, Morales drops the vial but Laura catches it. A look around shows huge vats of the scent being manufactured.

I didn't like how Laura was drawn in this issue, so there won't be any pics of her in this review. But I still have something - Julian Keller wanting to help Laura (one smile for Hellix fans) and proof of Loa being Elixir's girlfriend (one sigh for Elix fans). But you know what - I'm tired of waiting for the writers to give as at least SOME Hellion/Laura time, so I don't expect Hellion to act despite Cyclops' order (like he should and like he would!)

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