Oct 6, 2009

X-Force Releases for October

Mike Choi|Sonia Oback
WRITERS: Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
PENCILS: Mike Choi, Sonia Oback
INKS: Jason Pearson
COLORED BY: Sonia Oback|Dave Stewart
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit
THE STORY: "NOT FORGOTTEN" The Facility created X-23 to be the ultimate killing machine, an assassin for hire that would never stop until her target was dead. And now they want more of her. But X-23's got a new target now... them. HAMMER Agent Morales is about to see a side of X-23 that only two people have ever seen...and lived to tell about it. PLUS... Wolfsbane is reunited with X-Force just as Selene's forces descend on the X-Men. To be continued in the X-FORCE/NEW MUTANTS: NECROSHA ONE-SHOT! Part 4 (of 4).
PRICE: 2.99
IN STORES: October 28, 2009

: Jason Pearson (not to be found yet)
WRITERS: Robert Kirkman, Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost
PENCILS: Carlo Barberi, Jason Pearson
INKS: Jason Pearson
COLORED BY: Dave Stewart
THE STORY: Wolverine is sent into the heart of a Hydra base alone. His mission: like a needle in a haystack, he's tasked with bringing in one specific Hydra agent. But why? And what does this mission have to do with the dwindling mutant population and X-Force? Plus, a NECROSHA BONUS FEATURE!! The Black Queen's forces are consuming Utopia. The X-Men and X-Force fight for their lives. And amid the chaos, a squad of resurrected Acolytes have come for the former White King of the Hellfire Club...Magneto. But what they find instead is much, much worse: DEADPOOL! The Merc With a Mouth (and Loa) joins the fight in 'UNDEADPOOL.'
PRICE: 3.99
IN STORES: December 2, 2009

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