Sep 9, 2009

Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus Review

SPOILER ALERT! 7 days ago, Beast confronts Scott and Emma about the secrets both have been keeping. Now at the Utopia island, Osborn orders his Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men to attack the X-Men, and many battles are ensued. Colossus takes on Venom. Nekra, Bling! and Frenzy get their revenge on Moonstone. Psylocke and the X-Club beat Dark Beast. Iceman and the kids ambush the Mimic. X-23, Pixie and Armor fight Daken. Wolverine stabs Weapon Omega. Namor tries to stop the Sentry, but it's useless. Emma reaches Xavier and asks for his help so she can enter the Sentry's mind and lobotomize him. Emma succeeds and holds the Void inside his mind, so the Sentry can be himself again and take control. Horrified by his actions, the Sentry flees to outer space. As soon as Ares arrives, Dani Moonstar returns as a Valkyrie to stop him. Dani easily overcomes Ares and brings him down to his knees. While Osborn is busy fighting with Cyclops, Moonstar tells him there are too many mutants and that the only way to win is by killing them all, which they can't as there are cameras all around. With nothing left to do, Osborn decides to leave the island with his Avengers and X-Men. The X-Men celebrate their victory, as Cyclops gives a press conference telling the world that their island is sacred and no mutant will be harmed there. They're free. Back to the USA, Osborn too gives a press conference celebrating his victory for as long as the mutants remain on that island, no American citzen will have to worry about them anymore. Moments later, mutants from all around the world arrive at Utopia and start building their new home.

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