Sep 17, 2009


Today's delicious news: X-Position with Executive Editor & X-Men Group Editor Axel Alonso and X-Editors Nick Lowe, Sebastian Girner, Daniel Ketchum, Jody LeHeup, and Jeanine Schaefer! This is interesting, dear fans!

In “Messiah War,” X-23 interacted with her old friend from NYX, Kiden Nixon. This made me very nostalgic for “NYX” and X-23's interactions with the NYX cast. Will that group ever meet with X-23 again? And if that can't happen, will we ever see X-23 address her NYX days more fully?

JEANINE SCHAEFER: There are plans in the works for X-23, although I’m sorry to say I can’t get into them much right now. I know it seems like deflection, but if you love X-23, you’re not going to want to miss the journey we’re taking her on, both in “X-Force” and outside it. As it is, a pretty big chapter of her life is being dealt with right now in “X-Force,” and issue #19 is going to see some huge hurdles for her to get over.

I would really like to know what's happening with Laura and her claws on this page... She has both hands, though one of them is covered with some sort of a cloth... And the look on Doctor Nemesis's face is not exactly giving us much hope either.

How many mutants can we expect to see return from the dead in “Necrosha?” A dozen? More than twenty? Fifty plus?

JEANINE SCHAEFER: I’m not a mathemagician, but I can definitively say that “fifty plus” is an understatement, although I’m going to leave the exact number to experts Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. But the title alone should give you a pretty good idea about how many we’re dealing with, and, without getting into specifics, there are going to be a lot of gut-wrenching reunions that definitely don’t turn out the way anyone dreamed they might.

NICK LOWE: If you love short stories, than you’re in luck. Not only is there a “Necrosha: The Gathering” one-shot where you get to see Selene putting together her team of elite killers (you saw them briefly in the “Necrosha” preview in the back of most Marvel books this month), but we’re also launching “Nation X,” where you get to see what life is like on Utopia, the X-Men’s new island home. The X-Men have been pushed to the edge and the stories you’re going to get in there are fantastic.

Why was Pixie chosen, among all of the young students, to get her own mini? Simply because there was someone who wanted to write her story? Or will something “special” be occurring with her?

NICK LOWE: Pixie got a mini because she rules. Plain and simple. Her Q-factor has been on the rise since “New X-Men,” through the “FCBD: X-Men” story and big-time in “Uncanny.” And you’ll find out that she has a very interesting familial tie to X-Men history. You don’t know everything about Megan Gwynn, but you will after you pick up her mini.

AXEL ALONSO: Well, Wade already made costume for himself, so he’d better! You’ll have to read the “Nation X” tie-in arc, “Want you to Want Me” (“Deadpool” #16-18) to find out! And if you’re into Deadpool team-ups, be sure to check out the debut of “Deadpool Team-Up” this November.

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