Sep 29, 2009

X-Force: Sex and Violence Art Revealed

It was promised a long time ago, but we never forgot, did we? An amazing three-issue mini-series starring Wolverine and Domino from Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and a wonderful artist Gabriele Dell'Otto (known with his awesome covers and only one drawn comics "Secret Wars"). Domino has gotten herself into a bit of a jam and being Domino she's more than happy to take care of it herself. But Wolverine catches wind of it and kind of inserts himself into the adventure. The exact date of release it's still not known, so we have to hope it's late 2009. I am also certain Laura won't appear after reading this old interview wit the creators:

YOST: While the “Sex and Violence” miniseries stands alone, it will feed into plans for the second year of the ongoing series. The relationships you see in this book are going to carry over into the main book. We're not going to ignore it, it's going to be part of continuity. [...] [Gabriele Dell'Otto] had a couple things he was concerned with; one was panel count. So that he could get in there and do great work, he didn't want to be bogged down by nine-ten panels per page, He also wanted to have a reduced cast so again he can really focus on the characters he's working with. [...] Grant Morrison did a story a while back that put them in almost kind of a… sex buddy light, but the bottom line is they have a history together, and that history includes sex. It's something we've wanted to touch on in the main series, but we've got a lot going on there. This is a place where we can focus on the two of them and really expand their relationship.

KYLE: Wolverine and her have a great chemistry and we've really only seen bits and pieces of it. I think there's also a lot of respect [between them], the fact that they're equals in the same game. They're kind of fighting each other and the threats they'll face on many levels – sexual chemistry, mentally, physical combat. There are so many levels they'll be engaging each other and their enemies that it creates a lot of tension and a lot of places to have some breath between. We think they're a pretty fantastic couple to spend some time with. I think people reacted really well to the cover that Mike Choi and Sonia Oback did for a previous, and this is just expanding on that kind of an idea and opening it up to some really intense moments.

YOST: That being said, we're not doing comic book porn here. Still a family friendly book…

LYLE: Hah! Yes, that's what we're known for – family friendly X-Men books.

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