Sep 24, 2009

Dark X-Men: The Confession Review

I've read some very bad reviews about this issue and I think I can see why many readers didn't exactly love it and why it wasn't worth their money. If you wanted to see something new here, you would be disappointed. The issue reveals us facts we knew long time ago - X-Force, Namor, Cabal, Norman. For a casual reader it's practically a waste of time.
BUT. I am a Emma/Scott shipper. I LOVE this couple. I've awaited their reunion for such a long time. And I also never expected ANYTHING but them in this issue. I read "The Confession" to finally see if they get together again.So for me this issue was a heaven's gift and i totally LOVED it. I'm happy and I don't care if Emma is all bitchy-cold-diamond now.

The story is simple: Scott finds
a letter from Emma saying she is about to kill someone and probably will die trying. Emma is gone. Cyclops panics, runs through the base looking for her, asks everyone... and then there she is, dressed up, packed. She tells him she can't leave without saying goodbye. And then they start talking. What's funny is that it seems like they don't listen to each other and talk simultaneously. Scott tells Emma about X-Force, she tells him she slept with Namor and Tony Stark in the past. She also reveals the truth about Cabal and anything else and confesses that she was up to kill Norman Osborn but then came back to Scott. And then she says something else, something very very cool:

And after that they forgive each other completely, Scott tells her he loves her and gives her a passionate kiss. Applause. Laura is on some pages in the flashbacks of X-Force. Cute and somehow in a good mood:


onelildustbunni said...

I actually laughed out loud at the kissing scene. In my mind, it was like this scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the character Cordelia and Wesley try to make out (after having the hots for each other for a long time). It looks like they're all elbows, awkwardly trying to orientate themselves and saying things like "Wait, I'll do this and.." "No no now you have your knee in my--"

Ahaha good laugh. I like Scott and Emma too, but I was dissapointed at the quality of writing. This is Kyle and Yost...c'mon. Expected better. Liked the Laura mention at least. Still, Emma didn't quite explain why she did that stuff. She says "I did THIS and THIS and THIS because--" and then Scott is like "Yeah, whatever, I did THIS and THIS--"

X-23 said...

Hahaha, totally, it was like they never listened to each other, "You know I--" - "Can you wait?! I'm trying to say something!" - "Yeah but Scott, I kinda joined Osborn and stuff--" - "Yeah cool, now listen to me--".
In the last time I just don't expect anything relatively good in the X-comics, to be honest. "Not-so-bad" is satisfying. Thanks a lot, Fraction, you asshole.

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