Aug 6, 2009

The beginning

Hello everybody! Since the first time I got the chance to read "X-23 - Lost Innocence", I knew that Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, will be my most favorite character of all time!
But, to my deepest disappointment, I couldn't find any X-23-related websites on the Internet. It was mostly O-L-D news and junk, and I really would like to read some rumors or interesting news about Laura, I wanted to share what i have with others.
So here I am, creating my own website for exactly this purpose.
Even with Laura Kinney as the main object of discussion on this page, I intent to write reviews and news about different comic books, mostly X-23-related, but not always.
I will appreciate EVERY possible help here, so if you share my intentions, you could write me and join)

A little about me - I am Russian, live in Germany and read American comics. =) So comments in any of these languages are OK. I may have some misspells or stupid mistakes, but do not let this spoil your fun)

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