Aug 16, 2009

Chris Yost video interview on X-23 plus a comiquette

Chris Yost gives a video interview about Laura Kinney, her creation and why she was originally created in the "X-Men: Evolution" animated series.
The characters in the "Evolution" series were all teenagers, except for Wolverine, who was an adult. The creators didn't want him just to become younger all of a sudden, so they decided to "do him again". Yost tells us about X-23's character and her differences with Wolverine, which are very important to him, because otherwise she would just be "Wolverine with woman parts". He also says that Laura is an important character of the whole Marvel Universe and "needs to be there and deserves to be there". It's very flattering to hear if you're a fan.\

During the whole video this amazing, god-like comiquette of X is being shown. You can watch a little video teaser here. If you didn't already see it, you'll absolutely LOVE it. Too bad it costs a whole fucking lot. Also, there is an unpainted version, just for fun.

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