Aug 30, 2009

Dark Avengers #8 Review

I'm back on truck and happy to be, so let's not waste time =) Here is a review of Dark Avengers #8, please beware the spoilers!
Writer: Matt Fraction
Penciler: Luke Goss
Inker: Rick Magyar, Mark Pennington & Luke Goss

The issue opens with Dani in Las Vegas making a deal with Hela to become a Valkyrie. Back in San Francisco, Emma’s X-Men have taken down Trask and spend the next week endearing themselves to the city while Cyclops sits and waits. The Dark X-Men get a look at the Omega Machine and Cloak and Dagger are really upset with the pain it causes its subjects. Meanwhile, Osborn is very happy with the new team and is ready to pull the Avengers out of the city as a show of good faith. The X-Men Science team finally finishes their work underwater and fire up the engines starting the process of powering up the machines. We flash to Alcatraz island where Dark Beast is putting Hank McCoy through the Omega Machine to power up Omega. He goes to get another subject only to find that they are all gone. X-force has arrived and used Illyana to teleport out all the prisoners. Dark Beast screams for backup and Omega comes running while the rest of Emma’s team mobilizes. Scott gives the command and they raise up what looks to be Asteroid M in the middle of the bay and Pixie starts moving the mutants to their new home. Omega and Dark Beast face X-Force and are carved up quickly. The rest of the team arrives and Daken starts making threats about killing them all. He is taken down from behind by Emma while Namor deals with Mimic. Illyana makes one more teleport trip to take everyone out. Emma convinces Cloak and Dagger to come along as well. Scott holds a press conference on his new island home with Emma at his side. He says that they have left the mainland but will not be pushed or prosecuted any more. He throws down the gauntlet for Osborn who accepts, taking the remaining Dark X-Men and his Avengers on the attack.

This issue surprised me in a VERY good way, because I really missed my precious brilliant kick ass Emma Frost. And even more I missed her being with Cyclops. I guess I can even forgive all the crap Fraction fed us with all the time just for Emma's face when she was ready with Daken.

Here you go, my girl! I never doubted you, just like Wolverine.

The Daken vs. X-23 cover is off course a total BS. Jesus, people, stop putting Laura on covers to get people interested! If they buy more comics because she is a superstar Marvel teenager AND you know it, why not, you know, actually put her in the book? Doing, well, what she's doing on the cover. Laura is mentioned to appear in awesome Dark Wolverine series, though, so it could be OK. The bad thing is - in his own series, Daken is way too cool-smart-sexy-blahblah. I think we should not underestimate him, but it's just like creepy Mary Sue fan fiction.

Now of Laura's appearances. She is good drawn and in her bad Messiah Complex costume.

And she kicks Omega's ass.

Prick deserved it! But what disturbs me the most, just like in the previous Utopia chapter, is the way she talks.

No way. Laura Kinney just doesn't do compliments. On the mission. To anybody. And even more than that - she would never patronize Domino. But we get her even cameo-style. It's still great.

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