Aug 6, 2009

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost talk X-Force future

There is a couple of very interesting quotes from the interview. Laura is mentioned. AWESOME Choi/Oback covers are included, enjoy and lose your breath. To read the rest watch this page. This isn't exactly fresh news, but there is some information about Vanisher, Wolfsbane's comeback, Wolverine/Cyclops conflict and also strange sentence about Elixir, so it's totally worth mentioning. And I REALLY advise everyone to read the last part of the interview, where our geniuses talk about Mike Choi and his suspected mental illness)) It was pretty funny.

Yost: [...] Definitely look for a little Wolverine vs. Cyclops action. I think there will be fallout from Messiah War as we go on. Obviously, the first issue-and-a-half after them coming back is just dealing with what's happening in the moment. But as we move on, with Elixir you're going to feel some effects, with Wolverine and Cyclops you're going to feel some effects. That story's not necessarily over.

IGN Comics: Would you say anyone on the team will be experiencing lasting side-effects from staying in the future longer than they were supposed to? With X-23 basically dragging herself back to where she needed to be, I can't imagine that's very good for her longterm health.

X-23 definitely takes the worst of it. She will feel the effects of it. It puts her in a particularly bad situation. And healing factor or no, there's not much she can do about it.
Kyle: And Vanisher still has brain cancer.
Yost: [laughs] Wherever he may be.

IGN Comics: Yeah, I was going to say, he might have escaped, but I can't imagine he'll get too far with the tumor still in his brain.

Well, he has one particular destination in mind, and he does make it there. But then things go south for him from there.
Kyle: It's a little ways until you find out where that is, but I think the fans will enjoy it when they see it.
Yost: It speaks to his character.
Kyle: It does. It really does.

IGN Comics: You said Rahne was going to be a part of Necrosha, but will you be picking up her story beforehand in this next arc?

Yost: Absolutely.
Kyle: [...] The next 15 issues are all about payoff. Every issue will deliver answers. Things will continue to get worse. It will all crescendo into the biggest story our characters have stepped foot in since we began the series, including the one they're about to go into with Necrosha. It's just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger, hopefully in all the best ways.

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