Aug 6, 2009

X-Force, X-Men - Legacy and New Mutants: Necrosha


"The immortal psychic vampire Selene was old before the rise of civilizations like Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, and her current foes, the cast of "X-Force," have no idea just how big her latest villainous scheme is. They'll be the ones to confront Selene's master plan, but once it gets rolling her plot will become so large that it will spill over into the world of two other X-Men titles as well. The first seeds for the storyline were sown by Kyle and Yost in 2007's "New X-Men" #32, an issue which involved Selene and the mutant known as Wither and in "X-Force" #11, where the true identity of Eli Bard was revealed, along with his connection to Selene."

This probably very awesome story will be released in October and will be a crossover between "X-Force", "New Mutants" and "X-Men - Legacy. But the rules of standard crossover won't apply here. The writers promise there to be no need to by every single one of the books I mentioned above. The story is told to be so big, that every book will have it's own independent storyline. There will be a lot of death and suffering. And I really think, and I'm not alone here, that the word "Necrosha" means "Necro" (dead) put into the name "Genosha". Wouldn't everyone like to see millions of dead mutants? Emm, i wouldn't.

So, we see Laura on the cover of "Necrosha", which is great, due to not-so-delighting covers of X-Force 18, 19 and 20, where you either see Laura dying, or being cloned, or both. Let's just hope we get our OWN Laura Kinney back, guys!


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