Aug 30, 2009

X-Force #18 Review

And now about the bad news. This article is full of spoilers, so read carefully.

Writers: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Art: Mike Choi & Sonia Oback

The issue opens with H.A.M.M.E.R. departing with X-23. They leave two soldiers behind with orders to kill Boom Boom. One them is starting to get a little frisky when Proudstar shows up and kills him. He takes out the other goon as well and is tending to Tabitha as he sees the sudden light show. Domino is racing to the source of the disturbance only to find Archangel and Wolverine have things under control although Noriko, Elixir and Keller are all down. They transport the youngsters to a nearby safe house and try to figure out what happened to Laura. X-23 is being transported by H.A.M.M.E.R. They land in the Facility where Kimura and the scientists are waiting to take custody of her. We get a brief interlude with Rahne and her Wolf Prince fighting the Frost Giants. Hrimhari is doing a good job hurting them and orders Wolfsbane away but she refuses, wanting to stay and fight at his side. Another scene change and we find Caliban, Eli Bard and Wither at a grave in Salem Center. They somehow raise the occupant and we see it is Doug Ramsey. Back at the X-Men headquarters, Surge, Foley and Hellion are being tended by Beast. Wolverine tackles Cyclops and pins him to the ground telling him if anything happens to the kids it is his fault. Cyclops takes responsibility and Logan fills him in on a bit of their mission to the future. He leaves to try and find Laura. Wolverine, Domino and Proudstar interrogate Tabitha and she remembers the name S.H.I.E.L.D. Division C. That sparks something to Logan and he orders the Cuckoos into Cerebra. We then see Laura being rudely awakened by Kimura. One arm has already been cut off and Kimura is applying a chainsaw to rest of her.

I hated it. I mean I totally loved it, especially the part where Logan and Scott solve their problem like men, but still. First - shitty add-story about Rahne and her lover boy. SO not interested. Then - so little Laura in her own story ark, I could hang myself. And off course the fact that everything we get to read about X is just indescribably bad. Our girl is in trouble.

I just have to mention that neither Hellion nor Surge have died and it's awesome! You can finally officially rest, true believers. They are hurt, Elixir got the worst from it, and I somehow see some bad stuff coming for him at the and of it, but alive is alive. I'm just very happy to see them in this issue. God, I want Hellion on the team!

As usuall, I'm looking forward to reading next issue. I just can't wait. X-Force is the best comic book ever.

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