Aug 6, 2009

New X-Men are coming back!

As many of us know, the "X-Men - Legacy" series will take another turn with the Mike Carey run. New characters will be added to the mix. Since the beginning of the first ark of the renamed comic book, we followed Charles Xavier on his quest for his mistakes and memories. If you ask me, I didn't like the story much, Xavier is far from my favorite characters and I wouldn't like him to join the X-Men again, but I think it won't be the case. Now, more interesting characters take his place - Rogue, who recently became full control over her powers, Gambit and sometimes Danger. The book also will finally be back in current continuity. Let's see what Mike Carey has to say in his interview for

Mike Carey: [...] Now we see Rogue going back to the X-Men, but not to business as usual. Cyclops has a specific role that he wants her to take on, and it's very different from the last role he offered her back in X-MEN #188. It's a role that will bring her into regular contact with the youngest members of the X-Men's cast: the former students at the Xavier Academy. How would you say the shift of focus from Professor X to Rogue changes the overall tone of the title?

Mike Carey: [...] I suspect that in some ways the flavor won't change all that much. In other ways, though, you could see this as a return to the kind of stories that I was telling in X-MEN before it became X-MEN: LEGACY, with a bigger-albeit rotating-cast falling into and out of strategic alliances with each other. There'll be some changes, of course, just because of who's in that cast: we're talking about former New and Young X-Men stalwarts, about Trance, Indra, Bling, Loa, Hellion, Surge. They'll bring their own personalities to the book, and that will shift the way some stories are told.

If I remember correctly, previous "X-Men" run (back then without the "Legacy" part) had a lot of characters, and many of them got too little prime time. But it was good and one actually couldn't complain. So there is a serious chance that we'll really see our youngsters back on scene. BUT: if they're support cast, there is no hope.

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