Aug 6, 2009

Nation X

IGN Comics: The description I read for Nation X promises an "all-new, all-different X-Men" coming out of Utopia. What can you say about the state of the team as Nation X opens?

Matt Fraction: I think it's safe to say that, through Nation X, we're going to have a lineup and a group of people as X-Men that you've never seen before – living in a world we've not seen before and with a status quo that we've not used before. Things really, really change in a way that I think is really new and different and exciting. It's not a rehash of things we've done before. Things really are upside down different from here on out. [...] The status quo for the book and the team itself are completely changed.

So, Fraction promises us a completely different set of characters, mostly those, who he spent a year preparing for what's yet to come in his Uncanny X-Men. Cyclops will be in charge of everything. Time of Xavier and Magneto is over. There will also be a return of Magneto. Personally, I don't really care if Magneto is back or not, as far as I'm concerned, he got enough attention in the "Wolverine and the X-Men" cartoon and Ultimatum and there is enough going on without him doing his predictable crap, but it's just me.

Fraction: Scott is the prime mover of the story. Magneto and Professor X – maybe their time has passed. [...] Hopefully we've moved beyond the need to rehash he same old X-Men stories that have been done. The world of and for the X-Men is markedly different. [...] Things really are different at the end of Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus. [...] But the time for those figures is definitely at an end. It's a different world now, and it needs different leaders.

Greg Land will be the artist of the ark, so you'd better prepare yourself for a lot of deformed body members and beautiful, yet emotionally crippled women. I love Land though, he very often draws such nice faces. Terry Dodoson will be the artist as well, he and Land are going to switch now and then.

Fraction: It spins out of Exodus and Dark Reign: The List directly. It's the direction we've been headed in this whole time. We've never seen the X-Men in a place like this before. It's a whole new world

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